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      Three Ways to Adjust the Discharge Port of Jaw Crusher
      2019-08-09 09:02:25 小編

        Before the operation of Jaw Crusher, the discharge port should be adjusted according to the requirement of particle size in case the outlet gets blocked. There are three main ways to adjust the discharge port.

        1. Hydraulic adjustment

        Adjust the outlet of jaw crusher by way of changing the oil pressure of hydro-cylinder, and you can use manual adjustment or electric adjustment. Jaw crusher also adopts hydraulic safety device, which is much safe as well as easy to find the faults.

        2. Gaskets adjustment

        Add or take out gaskets so that the outlet can be adjusted accordingly. Before the adjustment, the machine should stop working, and then open the adjust seat with jack bolt, and put in or take out the gaskets between the thrust plate support and the frame. Generally, large jaw crushers adopt this kind of adjustment.

        3. Support device adjustment

        Support device refers to the bearings of the machine. Jaw crushers are usually adopt sliding bearings casted with Babbitt metal, which can bear a large impact load and have high wearability, but the efficiency is rather low. Therefore, forced lubrication is needed. And also, with the development of manufacturing technology of antifriction bearings, the large jaw crusher will mainly adopt antifriction bearings in the future.

        Crushing equipment is widely used in mine, chemical industry, construction, etc. In China, crushers are important equipment used in cement, railroad and mineral ore. Besides, urban construction also brings a great opportunity for the development of crushing equipment.

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