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      Symons Cone Crusher
      • 【Capacity】: 27-635 t/h
      • 【Feed Size】: 85-313 mm
      • 【Adjusting range of outlet】: 9-64 mm
      • 【Application】: It can crush many kinds of ores and rocks with medium and above medium hard scale in metallurgy, construction, road building, and chemical and hydrated silica industry.
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      Brief Introduction:

      Symons cone crusher is a kind of secure crusher, currently widely used in the world, with the characteristics of high quality, fine products, even size, long service life, and high efficiency. Symons Cone Crusher developed by Zhongding has been experienced the optimized improvement so that Symons Cone Crusher features perfect reasonable structure, more advanced technology and have the excellent performance in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Symons Cone Crusher has been widely applied in the field of mining industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, and silicate industry, etc.


      1. Big crushing ratio and high efficiency.

      2. Perfect lubricating device ensures reliable functions of machine.

      3. Wearing parts of high quality lowers cost efficiently.

      4. Long life and used widely.


      Symons Cone Crusher(圖1) Symons Cone Crusher(圖2)

      Symons Cone Crusher(圖3) Symons Cone Crusher(圖4)

      ModelChamber typeDiameter of crushing cone (mm)Max. feed size (mm)Discharge range (mm)Capacity (t/h)Power (KW)Weight (t)Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm)
      3’Standard fine type914859-2245-91759.982656×1636×2241
      Standard coarse type15013-3859-163
      Standard extra coarse type15025-38118-163
      Short-head fine type353-1327-9010.53
      Short-head medium type653-1627-100
      Short-head coarse type856-1959-129
      4 1/4’Standard fine type129511513-31109-18116022.462983×1866×3156
      Standard medium type17816-38132-253
      Standard coarse type20519-51172-349
      Standard extra coarse type22025-51236-358
      Short-head fine type543-1636-16322.59
      Short-head medium type766-1682-163
      Short-head coarse type898-25109-227
      Short-head extra coarse type11316-25209-236
      5 1/2’Standard fine type167617816-38181-32722043.273941×2954×3771
      Standard medium type20522-51258-417
      Standard coarse type22825-64299-635
      Standard extra coarse type31338-64431-630
      Short-head fine type605-1390-20943.87
      Short-head medium type766-19136-281
      Short-head coarse type11310-25190-336
      Short-head extra coarse type11313-25253-336

      Any change of technical parameters, there is no further notice.

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