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      Mica Ore Processing
      2019-08-09 11:34:30 小編

        Mica is belongs to Aluminum silicate minerals. It has continuous layer silica tetrahedron structure. In industrial, the white mica is the most common ore, gold mica is following. It is mainly used as electric equipment and insulating materials in electric equipment. it is also used in mechanical parts using in manufacturing steam boiler, smelting furnace. In addition, it is widely used in paint, rubber, plastic package and building materials.

        The density of mica is 2.7~3.1t/m3, hardness is 2.0-2.5, it is flake structure.

        The main originals of mica are India, Russia, Brazil, America, etc. our country is also rich in mica, the main originals are Sichuang, Xinjiang, Qinghai, etc.

        The main methods of beneficiating Mica are follows:

        1. Manual method: on the ore pile or breast, pick up the mica which is monomer separated; if the mica and gangue are adenosines, we can break them by hand, and then pick up the mica.

        2. Forming beneficiation: the Mica and gangue are separated by dual-vibrating screen according to the different forms. The upper layer is using bar screen and lower layer is using square screen, so the gangue and mica is separated. This method has features of little investment, simple production process, high efficiency and better beneficiation result. So this is the common method for mica beneficiation.

        3. Flotation: mica is separated from undressing ore through crushing and grinding, and we can get mica concentrate. Mica flotation can be finished in acidic or alkaline slurry. Broken mica can be finished beneficiation in flotation machine.

        4. Dry blowing: its process is crushing—screening—dry blowing. According to the different form and suspension speed in air, we can finish the dry blowing process through beneficiation equipments. This method is suitable to the dry areas.

        From the perspective of trend development, the demand of mica powder will be increased, because the mount of mica is decreased. so the mica flotation is the trend of beneficiating mica powder.

        The topical case of mica beneficiation is Danba mica beneficiation in Sichuang Province, Lingshou mica beneficiation in Hebei, etc.

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