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      250T/H - 300T/H Stone Crushing Plant
      2019-08-09 09:45:20 小編

      Brief Introduction:

      The production capacity of this stone crushing plant can achieve 250t/h -300t/h. The features are: high efficiency, low cost, high quality products, low energy consumption and so on.

      250t/h-300t/h (output 250-300 ton per hour) production line exploit the potential of PEV900X1200 as the preliminary Jaw Crusher. In practical production, through enlarging the outlet size, the overall output and production efficiency are improved greatly, meanwhile, the service time of machine is extended and production cost is reduced.

      In secondary crushing process, two impact crushers (PF1315-Ⅲ) operate at the same time, which ensures its output. The reduction ratio can be controlled by regulating the impact-bracket. The finished products are expected to be regular cube-shaped, needle shape take up small proportion, no inner-cracks, with high compressive strength. They are quite suitable for speedway, bridge, tunnel and other construction projects.

      By utilizing a more efficient Vibrating Screen during the filtration processing, the raw material is more precisely and sufficiently classified. This production line can also be perfected by other supplementary equipments so as to get further processing products.

      Technical Parameters:

      No.EquipmentModelMotor (KW)Number

      IVibrating FeederGZD1100×4900111
      IIJaw CrusherPEV900×12001321
      IIIImpact CrusherPF1315-Ⅲ2002
      IVVibrating Screen3YK2460371
      No.NameLength (m)Motor (KW)Number

      Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

      250T/H - 300T/H Stone Crushing Plant(圖1)

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